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Hello and welcome to Lovely & Black.

We are here to bring all of the black-owned businesses together into one easy-to-access space for all to see our excellence.


When moving to a new town or visiting how would you find these businesses so you can show your support? A web search, phone book, or maybe a friend heard about it? So many businesses are missed by so many because, let's be honest, when you do a web search not everything is shown. Finding exactly what you are looking for might take a while, and hours on hours of searching can be exhausting. 

Its not that you can't find who we are, as it was before, it's the extensive searches that are needed. Sometimes the reach of a business might only be the town it's in, the county they are located, or word of mouth. Now with Lovely & Black, its reach can be worldwide.

Word of mouth is one thing and this is how we are showing our word of mouth. Now not only will it be easier to see what our people can do, and who we are but also how far we are spread. More importantly, the generations after us have an easy place to see it as well.


We had our first black president who served back-to-back terms, let's show our kids what else they can do and accomplish if only they put their minds to it and try. 

Not only will we be showing our businesses but also the Black Chambers of Commerce, events coming up and so much more coming soon. So please sign up and help us grow and show who we all are and what we can do. 

Some of Our Providers

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Will this be you?