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BRB, We Just Have To Fix Some Stuff While Providers Sign Up

Lovely & Black is the one-stop shop for all your Black-Owned business needs. As a SaaS/Search Engine, we provide a platform for Black-Owned businesses to be discovered and accessed by potential customers. Our services are made with the highest quality, and our goal is to create an online space for Black-Owned businesses to shine.

We are proud to be made by Shavon Williams Tech LLC, and we are actively looking to showcase any and all Black-Owned businesses, no matter the size. Our Provider Profiles are easy to set up and make it possible for users to find and connect with the perfect provider for their needs. We also welcome members of Black Chambers of Commerce to join our platform, as Shavon Williams Tech LLC is a part of the Colorado Springs B.C.C. Soon, we will be adding those in positions of power to the platform as well, just because you don't own it, doesn't mean what you do can't be seen.

If this is an idea that sounds good to you please don't be shy and sign up. The signup page is still active and is where providers can fill out either a short or long form to have their business profile built and added. No matter what you do and whom you do it for, any and all Black-Owned Businesses are welcome and needed for this to work. Any potential customers out there that like the idea, please feel free to subscribe below. This is being built just as much for you as it is for all the providers. 

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